Winter mower maintenance in Louisiana will help your mower start right up in the spring. Of course, you need your mower to be ready when you are after a long, cold winter. In Louisiana, you can count on Weeks Tractor for high quality and efficient service on your mower and other equipment. As we always say, “An ounce of prevention will save dollars down the road”    winter mower maintenance in Louisiana


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Winterize your lawn mower to be sure it’s ready to run in prime condition next season. As you’ll see, your best bet for service, maintenance and parts for any lawn mower in Natchitoches is at Weeks Tractor.

Lawnmowers take their share of abuse during the warm months. As the lawn season comes to a close, you should ensure all parts are in top-notch condition. While it can be tempting to just place the mower away, it will be much more difficult to get it up and running when your lawn is ready for next season. 

Read on to learn some ways in which you should perform winter mower maintenance:

  • Winterize your lawn mower at the dealership
  • Drain the gas tank
  • Change the oil and filter
  • Clean the mower deck
  • Disconnect the battery

Winter mower maintenance in Louisiana at the dealership

Your local dealership has a service and maintenance department that can help with winter mower maintenance. Some of the reasons why you should take the mower at the dealership include:

  • They have genuine mower parts
  • The service is done by authorized, factory-trained technicians
  • A dealer specializes in different types of mowers
  • They will advise on how to store your mower during winter

Drain the gas tank

When gasoline sits stagnant for a long period of time, it begins to degrade and may cause damage to the fuel system. Also, the alcohol in the fuel can dissolve the plastic parts or corrode the metal. First, you should add a fuel stabilizer and allow the engine to cool. After that, you should siphon the fuel into a clean can. Once you’ve emptied as much as possible, you should run the mower to burn any excess gas. This is a surefire way of keeping your mower fuel-free.

Change the oil and filter

If your mower has a 2-cycle or 4-cycle engine, you’ll need to change the oil. Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Warm the engine before changing the oil
  • Remove the spark plugs
  • Use a dipstick to check the current level of oil
  • Drain the oil with a hose
  • Check the oil level again after draining the tank
  • Replace the old oil filter with a new one

After you replace the oil as the manufacturer recommends, you should run the mower for a few minutes to ensure the oil distribution is even. Similarly, to ensure the mower is back to life in the spring, you should replace the plugs. To do this, you need a specific spark plug socket.

Clean the mower deck

Wash the dirt and debris that may have accumulated during the mowing season. If you want to give the mower a good cleaning, you should hook up a hose or use a pressure washer. For any debris caught on the blade, you should use a stick to remove them. Once you’re done cleaning, you should store the mower in a dry location.

Disconnect the battery

If you own a battery-power mower, you should disconnect the battery. First, you should remove the negative lead and then unplug the positive one. Then, you should check for corrosion on the terminals. Perhaps, you can use a wire brush to do the job. Finally, be sure to keep the battery in a cool environment away from heat sources.

While it’s not mandatory, you can also remove the blade for sharpening.

After winterizing the mower, you may want to throw a tarp over it so that it doesn’t collect dust.

Winter Mower Maintenance in Louisiana

Will Keep It Running At Optimum Performance!


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