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Let’s look at the agricultural equipment available at this LS tractor dealership. Read on and learn more about the tractors available! LS Tractor Dealership Natchitoches LA

Sub-Compact Tractors

Sub-compact tractors have a design to help you do a variety of farm tasks. Though small in size, they are compatible with several tractor attachments like a mid-mount mower, backhoe, and front-end loader. Still, each model boasts of versatility for small landowners and commercial users. Most tractors in this category are between 22HP to 25HP.

The common models in MT1 Series are:

  • MT122-21.5HP
  • MT125 – 25HP

LS Tractor Dealership Natchitoches LA

MT122-21.5HP – This model boasts of power and versatility. The main features include:

  • Independent PTO
  • PTO selector switch
  • Dual pedal, 2 range HST
  • Hydrostatic power steering

MT125 – 25HP – It’s powered by a 3-cylinder engine which generates up to 25HP. Other standard features include front wheel mechanical assist, 2-range HST, PTO selector switch, hydrostatic power steering, and a standard mid-PTO.

Compact Tractors

  • MT3 Series
  • MT345HE-45HP
  • MT350E-50HP
  • MT345E-45HP
  • MT345E-45HP

These tractors work great for landowners who own up to 30 acres of land. Above all, they give better performance and maneuverability.

MT3 Series 

The tractors in this category come with everything you expect in a mid-range compact tractor. Some of the models in this lineup include:

MT345HE-45HP – This tractor is equipped with side-mount main gear lever to maximize space. Besides that, it comes with hydrostatic power steering for easier turning.

MT350E-50HP – Unlike other models in the series, the MT305E comes with 8 forward and 8 reverse gear transmissions. This makes the tractor fit almost any application. Other unique features include standard foldable ROPS, standard hydrostatic power, side mount main gear lever, and front wheel mechanical assist.

MT345E-45HP – IPowerful with a 3-cylinder engine which produces 45HP. The standard features include front wheel mechanical assist, independent PTO, side mount gear lever, and standard hydrostatic power steering.

XJ-Series Tractors

The tractor models in this series are suitable for confined places and generate up to 24HP. In addition, they come with a loader lift capacity of 1270 lbs., 2-range transmission HST, and 19.5 PTO HP. The models in this category are the XJ2025 and XJ2025H.

Utility Tractors  

LS Tractor dealership Natchitoches LAThese tractors design works best for large landowners and commercial users. They boast of less fuel consumption, more torque, and produces 55HP to 101HP. The common series in this lineup include:

XU-Series Tractors

These are 4WD utility equipment specially designed to handle any large job. The models in this category come with 58-68HP.

P-Series Tractors

The models in this category are designed to handle large tasks in large livestock ranches and generate up to 95 HP.

All the above tractors offer comfort, great performance and durability. When you find a trustworthy dealer, you’re halfway to finding a machine that will serve you well into the future.

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