Your RhinoAg attachments dealership in northern Louisiana is Weeks Tractor. Located in Natchitoches, LA and supplying Rhino brand accessories in the region; Weeks carries a wide selection of tractor attachments.  You’ll find finish mowers, rotary cutters, rakes and bale processors among other RhinoAg attachments.  Additionally, Weeks also has expert staff ready to assist with Sales, Service, Parts and Finance. Our qualified technicians will service your equipment while  our financing options are set up to meet your needs.

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Here are some of the best selling RhinoAg attachments to pick from:


A versatile grass-cutting machine comes with a shorter spinning radius. This helps to reduce mowing time significantly, in comparison with other less flexible deck cutters. Additionally, it’s particularly useful for farmers with less powerful tractors.

RhinoAg attachments

Moreover, the cutter’s shorter wheelbase, stealth appearance, and anti-scalp properties make it suitable for those who need the flexibility of a flex-wing cutter, but don’t necessarily have a massive tractor that can carry a 15 foot load. Despite being compact, this rotary cutter still offers a 12-inch cutting width, as well as 1.5 inch cutting capacity. Other interesting features of the machine are as follows:

  • Custom wing bar blades carrier 
  • Significantly reduces mowing time
  • Extra chain-guard available for added protection
  • Open underside to foster airflow through the high-capacity cutting unit
  • Smooth interior decks for effortless cleaning


It’s a multipurpose machine that can support raking widths ranging from 25 to 30 meters, the equipment works particularly fast and efficiently on large fields thereby making your haying project more profitable. This machine also features out-front freely floating rake wheels, which allow for unhindered flow of hay along the rake.

Furthermore, the driving-arms have special hydraulics which help to adjust them from working mode to movement of materials, and they also help to lift or lower the rake wheels for increased convenience. Not to mention that ground pressure can also be easily regulated by using the hydraulic cylinder spigot available.

MBS 2.0 BALE PROCESSOR   RhinoAg attachments

This handy tool is suitable for making even cuts through corn stalks, silage round bales and even dry hay. It also makes easy work of slicing bales measuring between 4 to 6 inches in diameter. Furthermore, the processor contains a wrap-retention unit. It protects your bale material from getting mixed up with whatever’s covering them, be it plastic, twine or lacing.

Rhino agricultural attachments can help make your farm work much easier. whether it’s raking the soil in preparation of planting or shaping hay into sizable bales. As always, when your equipment needs a part, you can order right on our website!

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