Rhino Ag rotary cutters are versatile machines with blades to cut through weeds that may be too tough for a residential mower. Weeks Tractor in Natchitoches, LA has a full lineup of rotary cutter models. To begin with, you’ll want to match your tractor and terrain needs. The professionals at Weeks Tractor will help you decide on the best model for you.  Rhino Ag rotary cutters

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Because so many challenging ground conditions exist, Rhino Ag has a wide variety of models. The agricultural equipment industry makes the choice a bit confusing with so much from which to choose. Most importantly, here are some of the various types of tractor mounted Rhino Ag rotary cutters available at the Natchitoches, Louisiana dealership:

  • 2150 15’ Flex Wing
  • 4000 Epic Series Flex Wing
  • 3000 Apex Series New Flex Wing
  • 6000 Series Flex Wing Rotary Cutter
  • TR 200 Series
  • TR 300 Series

2150 15’ Flex Wing

The Flex Wing is engineered for outstanding performance. It features a stable driveshaft design and gives more horsepower. What’s more, it provides access to service areas and offers a quiet operation. Some of the standard features include:

  • Coil spring suspension system
  • A mechanical drive shift
  • CV main and CAT 4 wing driveline
  • Offers a cutting width of 180 inches
  • Cutting height – 2-14”
  • Horsepower required – 50

The Flex Wing is suitable for general maintenance, commercial mowing, farm use, and pasture maintenance.

4000 Epic Series Flex Wing

This is a monster rotary cutter that features a hydraulic wing-lift and slip-clutch protection. Additionally, the new model comes with a unique suspension system and a 12” frame. So, because the machine can tackle high-hour workloads, you expect less downtime and maintenance. Other features include:

  • Cutting width of 10.6”
  • Cutting height 2-14”
  • Self-leveling height adjustment
  • PTO horsepower – 60
  • Output shaft diameter – 3”

3000 Apex Series New Flex Wing

The 3000 model features a 0.5” X 4” blade and allows for a brush-up of up to 3” diameter. But just like other Apex series, the cutters come with a hydraulic wing lift and slip-clutch protection. Finally, the Apex is an affordable option for those looking for a unit for general mowing.

This rotary cutter requires a tractor with 50HP and allows for optional wheel configurations. Additionally, other key features are:

  • Cutting height of 2-14”
  • Overall width 122”
  • Blade overlap 6”
  • Slip clutch driveline protection
  • Wing flex -90 degrees

6000 Series Flex Wing Rotary Cutter

The 6000 series is designed to mow heavy grass and weeds. Furthermore, the series offers 540 – 1000 RPM drivelines. Additionally, you get two blade choices for the 6140 model and three-blade choices for the 6200 model. Above all, the cutting height for the 6000 series ranges between 2 and 16”. Other unique features include:

  • Output shaft diameter – 3”
  • Maximum cut capacity – 4 �”
  • Side skirt – ¼” by 12”
  • Standard wing lift hydraulics
  • Standard LED light
  • Gearbox rating – 250HP
  • HP required 80 PTO

Rhino Ag rotary cuttersTR 200 Series

The TR 200 Series is a multi-spindle rotary cutter that offers superior cut quality. These units allow for easier maintenance and give longer life expectancy. Moreover, the modern deck allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

This unit is built to tackle everything you throw at it and comes with a favorable warranty. Additionally, with the slip clutch driveline protection, you can be sure the rotary cutter will tackle any terrain. As well, the TR 208 model offers features like:

  • Cutting height 1-16”
  • Cutting width 8”
  • Overall width 103 inches (lift) and 138 inches (pull)
  • Cutting capacity 2”
  • Driveline protection – slip clutch

TR 300 Series

These units feature a unique suspension system and give an even cut. The TR 308 and 310 models offer a cutting height of 1-15”, while the modern deck allows for easy cleaning. Best of all, the independent suspension system reduces the impact you experience in the field every day.

When you need equipment to do the job right, look to Weeks Tractor to have what you need!

Rhino Ag Rotary Cutters are Fast and Reliable for Any Condition!

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