At Weeks Tractor in Natchitoches LA, we have the Rhino Ag Flex Wing Rotary Cutter, also known as a batwing mower.  This rotary cutter is commonly used to clear up weeds, tall bushes and thickets. Weeks Tractor supplies more than 10 different types of rotary cutters to the local residents. 

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Rhino Ag Flex Wing Rotary Cutter Natchitoches LA

Rotary cutters consist of very sharp spinning blades that are used to slice small curves, whereas the much larger blades are suitable for making straight-line cuts and wide curves. Most of these units have a cutting radius of 12, 15 and 20ft, though the most popular model is the 15 ft. Below are some of the top models available at the dealership:

2150 15-Inch Flex Wing Series

Sleekly built, this cutting machine is suitable for general mowing, farm chores and pasture maintenance. The device is manufactured for superior strength and longevity, plus provides great reliability when attaching to the gearbox.

Furthermore, it has a fresh design in gearbox shape. This allows for a steady drive shaft-to-blade-carrier design, delivering extra torque but with equal horsepower as with other rotary cutter models. The machine also operates very smoothly and quietly despite its rather immense power. Other features that make it to stand out include:

  • Mechanical level carrier
  • Coil spring suspensions
  • LED lights
  • Highly advanced Tongue Design with Standard Clevis

TS12 Stealth Cutter

 Rhino Ag Flex Wing Rotary Cutter Natchitoches LAThis is an exclusive close-coupled rotor cutter that’s suitable for brief turning radius mowing jobs and low tongue weight. Plus, it is also ideal for use with tractors of between 35 to 50 horsepower. The machine’s anti-scalp properties also improve its versatility. Thus, this makes it suitable for use in multiple locations including small farms, homesteads, parks and school yards.

Likewise, the machine has a level-angle, fully pivoting tongue and instant suspension system. This allows for easy maneuvering across rough terrains. Not to mention, the chain guards that are also available for protection.

3000 Series Apex Flex-Wing Rotary Cutters

It’s a technologically advance flex-wing cutter that comes with 4-inch blades to chop grasses and shrubs up to 3-inches in diameter. Unlike other rotors that require large tractors to operate, this one can run on a 50 horsepower tractor with no problem whatsoever.

The device also comes with hydraulic wing lift, LED light kits and safety tow chains. As standard attachments, these make your mowing work easier, including slip-clutch protection for safety when changing gears.

Weeks Tractor has a series of versatile and powerful  Rhino Ag Flex Wing Rotary Cutters that are ideal for full time ranchers, landscapers and even hobby-farmers. Some of these machines also come with special features such as hydraulic wing-lifts that improve maneuverability.

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