At your Rhino Ag dealer you’ll find a reputable brand that offers a line-up of products for jobs such as agricultural, forestry, construction, landscaping, and more. At Weeks Tractor in Natchitoches, LA, you can count on knowledgeable staff in all departments ready to assist. Investing in Rhino Ag equipment means that you get products of exceptional quality along with the lowest life cycle costs. The best Rhino Ag dealer offers sales and service support to keep your equipment in top-notch condition.  Rhino Ag dealer

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Rhino Ag is a leader in the agricultural equipment industry.
Here are a few of the products available at your Rhino Ag dealer in Louisiana:

FA Series Finish Mower

This mower features a discharge area with a slope and allows for less clumping. It comes with built-in baffles that help control the air to ensure a clean cut. In addition, this model has a signature over-the-deck axle design that provides outstanding structural integrity. Other features include:

  • Top and bottom hitch points
  • Hitch lengths – 5” to 6” widths to provide the best match for your tractor
  • Three-blade design

Service and maintenance for the equipment

The FA series Finish Mower is possibly the easiest equipment to maintain, thanks to the over-the-deck axle mounts. The key areas to focus on for this mower are the blades, air filter, spark plug, and cables. Moreover, the service team will check for any congealed grass clippings on the underside.

Rhino Ag dealerTS 10 Rotary Cutter

The TS 10 rotary cutter comes in a compact design – you should not let the small size deceive you. It features 1/2 inch by 3-inch cutting blades, so you should be prepared to brush up to 2” in diameter. Also, the flex-wing design allows the user to cut on different terrains without making multiple passes. Best of all, the small footprint guarantees the equipment can get almost anywhere.

Other features include:

  • Heavy-duty turnbuckles
  • Replaceable skid shoes
  • 2-inch cutting capacity
  • EZ lock collar makes hookup easy
  • Replaceable skid shoes

How to maintain the equipment

When using your rotary mower, the blades are going to be putting in a lot of work. Therefore, you should ensure they are in good working condition. If the blades hit a rock, the clutch may slip out of place. Also, the technicians should check the slip clutch if the equipment has been stored for a long period without use.

RDF Rake 

The RDF rake features a working width ranging from 25 to 30 feet. It’s designed to clear large fields and make hay operation profitable. Besides that, this unit comes with hydraulics to help lower the rake wheels. This equipment is suitable for hay producers with large fields. Rhino Ag dealerOther features are:

  • Optional hydraulic windrow opening kit
  • A dual-kicker wheel kit
  • Floating rake wheels
  • Narrow transport width

Service and maintenance

The RDF rake comes with hydraulic systems that allow you to get the air out of the hoses. First, the technician will check the fluid levels to ensure it complies with the manufacturer’s instructions. Next, the team will lubricate the drive chains to prevent moisture infiltration. Apart from that, the technicians will remove the wheels to check for any cracks on the bearings.

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