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IronCraft 3700 Series Dual Edge Graders

Dual Edge Graders

IronCraft’s 3700 dual-edge graders can be used to maintain gravel driveways, level a garden plot, and smooth dirt areas including horse arenas and barn floors. It is designed with an adjustable cutting depth, making the shanks optional.

The 3700 dual-edge graders feature replaceable skid shoes, reversible blades, adjustable blade height, and adjustable shanks.

Designed to work with 40 to 80 hp tractors, the 3700 Graders accommodate a Category I quick hitch, Category II 3-Point and Category II Quick Hitch if applicable. The 3700 dual-edge graders are available in two working widths from 84” to 96”.


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Available Models:

  • 3700 Series



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