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Common Lawn Mower Issues

Various types of mowers have different parts that may experience technical problems such as:

  • Thread-spool retainer
  • Flange wheel bearings
  • Mower blade
  • Mandrel assembly among others
  • Forward & reverse movement problems
  • Battery not charging
  • Engine won’t crank
  • Clogged Air Filter

Forward & Reverse Movement Problems

Sometimes, your mower may start normally but fail to engage in forward/reverse motions. For such cases, the first thing most technicians do is check whether the drive belt is intact. However, if the unit shows detachment or is broken then it needs a repair for the machine to run.

Additionally, this issue could also be due to debris stuck on the lower or upper pulley, causing a ringing noise when the mower is about to start. Here, the obstructions would have to have delicate removal by the technician, while taking care not to damage any other machine parts surrounding the pulley.

Battery Not Charging

It’s yet another common problem in riding mowers, whereby the volt-meter doesn’t show any charging taking place despite the plug being in. For such scenarios, the technician would first have to locate the rectifier which connects the engine and battery.

This part is  just below the engine cover, and consists of a couple of open wires pointing outwards. It’s the rectifier that takes spark from the electro-magnet, which is then fed into the battery for charging. If the component is faulty then it will require repair, or replacement in case it’s beyond repair.

Engine Won’t Crank

If the engine of your riding mower won’t start even after turning on the ignition, then it could be a sign of worn out/damaged spark plugs or solenoids. Usually, when spark plugs changes are left undone to run for a lengthy period of time, they may strip and attach to the cylinder-head directly, which then causes startup failure. However, a technician can help repair the damaged plug threads professionally without having to scrape off the head.

As shown, riding mowers require professional routine maintenance so as to continue working optimally. However, you also need to use knowledgeable technicians to avoid any secondary damage on the machine.

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