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Mower conditioners are designed to crush newly cut hay to promote faster drying. Therefore, if you want to get the most from the hay fields, you need a reliable brand like Kuhn. As you’ll see, most models feature wider conditioning systems and large disc diameters that allow for consistent crop flow. Here are some of the models available for sale at your local Kuhn mower conditioner dealer:

  • FC500 Mower Conditioner
  • F310R Mower Conditioner
  • R990R Mower Conditioner

FC500 Mower Conditioner

This is the best-in-class mower conditioner. It features a Gyrodine swivel hitch, flail conditioner, and a transport kit. Usually, the first thing that catches your eye is the modular design. Unlike other competitive models, the hub has a design to withstand any impact in the field. Also, to ensure you don’t lose valuable time in the field, you’ll have to access fewer nuts and bolts to change the hub. The FC500 allows for a cutting width of 9-16” and cutting height of 0.95-3.2”. Other features that boost performance include:

  • Quick-change knives
  • Cutterbar tilt
  • Adjustable swath width

F310R Mower Conditioner

The F310R model features a new flotation system to minimize soil compaction. Also, to ensure that you quickly adapt your performance, you can choose either 780 or 1000 rpm. The hub protects the discs from damage and offers unmatched reliability. This mower conditioner comes with a modular Cutterbar design for strength and durability. Plus, it’s fitted with seven discs so you only need to insert the special tool to remove the knife. Additionally, the F310R model allows for a cutting width of 3.1m and guarantees an excellent cut.

R990R Mower Conditioner

This mower conditioner gives a wide cut and requires little maintenance. It features a Cutterbar that enables the user to adjust the float pressure to the desired level. What’s more, it comes with a unique suspension system to ensure the conditioner follows the ground contours. The R990R model also excels in terms of performance. It allows for a cutting width of 9.5-9.9m which is the highest in the industry. But don’t think that this equipment is too large to transport to the fields. It can be folded to reduce the overall width. Other specs worth mentioning include:

  • Double-rod hydraulic cylinders
  • Disc diameter of 17.3 inches
  • Cutterbar is protected by a slip clutch

F350R Mower Conditioner

The F350R model is fitted with blades that allow for a cutting width of 8.7m in one pass. During mowing operation, the floatation system ensures better ground following. To ensure a smooth and quiet operation, power transmits to the rotary discs. Plus, on each side of the Cutterbar, you’ll find crop deflector shields that direct crop on the swath inside the tire path. The optimal swatch size is 1.2-2.4 meters. In addition, this model also comes with a mechanical turnbuckle that allows you to adjust the blades from 2-10 degrees.

The above mower conditioners have a design to help you maneuver at high speed and give a clean cut. Because they come with a patented shear hub, you don’t have to worry when you hit an obstruction – the machine will be up and running. 

Weeks Tractor is your Kuhn mower conditioner dealer in Natchitoches, LA – northern Louisana 

Call or stop by today.  Weeks Tractor at: (318) 239-1497