At Weeks Tractor in Natchitoches LA, we are the best place to buy equipment and now we’ve added a full new line up of Derksen portable buildings. You should know, Derksen offers top quality buildings at an affordable price; constructed in traditional Mennonite craftsmanship.

Derksen portable buildings

When you need more space – Derksen Portable Buildings work great!

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Building any structure from the ground up can take months or even years. However, in Natchitoches LA people ready to build a house, barn, cabin, or such are putting their trust in Derksen Portable Buildings. These structures are designed to be movable and can serve a variety of purposes. For instance, you can use them as a temporary office space or storage area. Because they are built with durable materials, the number of people using them as homes has grown. Whether you want a portable building for residential, agriculture or business purposes, there are a variety of designs to choose from.

Here are some of the types of Derksen Portable Buildings you may want to consider:


Most barns are 48-feet high, 8-feet wide and come with standard 10-12 feet door. The common types of barns include:

  • Lofted Barn
  • Side lofted barn
  • Original barns

Lofted Barn

The lofted barn includes lofts on each side. The 8-feet building comes with a single shop built door while a 10-feet building has a double shop built doors. Depending on your taste, you can choose white, rustic red, charcoal, green, black, or any other color in between.

Side lofted barn

It comes with a loft on each end and two 2 X 3 windows. Barns with 8-feet (width) door are equipped with a single shop door while 10-feet buildings come with double shop doors. There are five designs to choose from including Z-metal, treated, painted, metal side, and urethane side lofted barn.

Original barns

The original Derksen barn is 48-feet high and 8-feet wide. There is plenty of headroom and a variety of shingle/metal roof colors to choose from.


A cabin has 8-feet walls and plenty of headroom. The side porch comes with a standard 4-feet porch with variable placement options. Besides that, there is a pre-hung door and three 2 X 3 windows. Of course, there is a loft on each end.

Cottage sheds

They come with standard 8-feet walls and maximum headroom. More clearly, there are two 2 X 2 windows and double shop doors. For those looking for office space, the Z-metal can be a brilliant option. It comes with standard 8-feet walls and windows with screens. Keep in mind that the door and windows may vary on smaller buildings. Other popular sheds include:

  • Treated cottage shed
  • Urethane cottage shed
  • Painted cottage shed

Metro Sheds

Original Derksen metro sheds feature an innovative design to fit in tight spaces. You can place them against the fence or wall of your home – the possibilities are endless. The metro garden shed is 10-feet wide and has a single or double door.

Portable Garages

For those looking for ample storage space, Derksen metro garage is a perfect choice. The opening door is 6-feet tall and 5-feet wide. You’ll also find 2 X 6 floor joists set into notched skids.

Depending on your needs, you may want to consider any of the above designs. It’s worth mentioning, some are strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. Be sure to talk to your dealership to ensure all materials and sizes are available in your area. Now, you can shop at Weeks Tractor for more than just tractors and utility vehicles – Come on in to learn more about Derksen Portable Buildings.

Derksen Portable Buildings are Available in Natchitoches LA

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