Derksen buildings for sale at Weeks Tractor offer a convenient way to increase your storage space. Built with mobility in mind, they have multiple custom options to meet your individual needs.

Derksen buildings for sale at your local dealer in Natchitoches, Louisiana! Derksen buildings for sale

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 Here are some varieties of Derksen buildings for sale at the dealership:

  • Cabin
  • Cottage shed
  • Barn
  • Metro shed
  • Garage
  • Dog kernel
  • Playhouse
  • Cabana



Cabins come in different shapes and sizes. A standard cabin features a 4-feet deep front porch and has variable placement options. In addition to that, it’s fitted with three windows and a 36” pre-hung door. And with the standard 8 ft walls, there’s plenty of headroom. These units are designed to provide decades of storage. Cabins are the perfect structures to set up your private office. You can also use them to store those old bikes, household goods, farm equipment and anything you can think of. Depending on your needs, you can choose:

  • Urethane cabin
  • Z-metal cabin
  • Treated cabin
  • Painted cabin

Cottage shed

Cottage sheds have a design to be your backyard office, craft area, fun-cave or pool house. While you can customize the shed to suit your needs, one thing that stands out is their stylish design. A standard cottage shed has 8 ft walls, double shop built doors, and two 3 x 3 windows with screens. Keep in mind that the size of the doors and windows may vary. You can choose Z-metal, painted, treated, or urethane cottage shed.


Barns are commonly used to store agricultural products like grains, hay, fruits, etc. The standard size comes with plenty of headroom and 48” high sidewalls. Those that are 10 & 12 ft. wide have double shop-built doors while those that measure 8 feet have a single shop-built door. More specifically, the side-lofted barns have a loft on each end and two windows with screens. Plus, the dealership also offers lofted and original barns.

Derksen buildings for saleMetro shed

Metro sheds are prefabricated structures designed to fit in small spaces in your home. Due to the innovative design, they can be set in a location against a fence or the exterior walls of your house – the possibilities are endless. A standard urethane metro shed measures 7 to 8 ft and comes with a single door (36” or 48”). Also, you can choose the paint for the roof, siding, and trim.


If you own a car or a boat and your storage options are running slim, then you need a garage. Since it’s multi-functional, you can use it to store other valuables. Plus, a standard garage comes with a tough roll-up door in the middle that measure 5 ft wide and 6 ft tall. Portable garages come with 2 x 6-floor joists, one 2 x 3 window, and one 9 ft roll-up door.

Derksen buildings for saleOther recreational items include:

  • Dog kennels
  • Playhouses – urethane or painted
  • Cabana

If you’re looking for a convenient place to store anything, Derksen buildings have what you need. These structures have an aesthetic appeal and long-lasting use. Because they are pre-built in manufacturing plants, you can easily set up the storage unit upon delivery. Don’t you think, it would be convenient to have additional housing and/or storage installation at your home?

Derksen buildings for sale at your local dealer! 

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