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Bad Boy Mowers have a design to  be sure you have a smooth and professionally manicured lawn. Whether you’re mowing a yard or golf course, there’s a perfect zero turn mower for you. Here are some of the various types of mowers available for sale at the Bad Boy Mower Dealer:

Bad Boy ZT Elite

The ZT Elite is powered by Kohler Pro 7000 engine that generates 25HP. It comes with triple fusion blades to add a layer of beauty in your lawn. And with the 6.5 capacity fuel tank, you can be sure the machine will keep you productive the whole day. But the biggest engineering achievement is that its 30 lbs. lighter and the strongest ZT Elite ever. With all these improvements, this mower hasn’t sacrificed an ounce of power. If you’re a residential homeowner, you can be sure Bad Boy ZT Elite will meet and exceed your expectations. 

The Bad Boy ZT Elite is a terrific choice for a wide variety of uses and terrains. It packs an impressive punch with a 25HP Kohler Pro 7000 engine, triple fusion blades for added beauty, and a 6.5 capacity fuel tank that keeps you productive all day. With its 30 lbs. weight reduction, it’s now the lightest yet strongest  ZT Elite ever. This engineering marvel is sure to give you the performance and satisfaction you demand in a lawn mower. So, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful machine, the Bad Boy ZT Elite is definitely worth a look. Get ready to experience what efficient lawn care should be like! It’s time to level up your lawn mowing game with the Bad Boy ZT Elite.

Other specs include:

  • Maximum engine torque 70ft lbs. at 3400RPM
  • Liquid cooling system
  • Cutting width – 61”
  • Cutting height 1.5-5”
  • Two coolers for lower temperatures

Bad Boy Compact Diesel Caterpillar LC6100

The Bad Boy Compact Diesel Caterpillar LC6100 is a powerful, reliable mower designed for heavy-duty landscaping and lawn care. Featuring an efficient engine and impressive fuel economy, this mower can handle the toughest terrain with ease. Powered by a 24HP Caterpillar diesel engine, it boasts superior torque and power to tackle any grassy landscape. The rugged frame and all-wheel drive give you worry-free performance in even the most challenging mowing conditions. 

From hilly terrain to thick grass, the Bad Boy Compact Diesel Caterpillar LC6100 is sure to impress with its ability to get the job done fast and efficiently. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or DIY homeowner , this mower can handle any job with ease. Get ready to experience the power and reliability of a Bad Boy Compact Diesel Caterpillar LC6100.

Other features include:

  • Dual deck support insulators
  • Lift and height adjustment
  • Single V-belt spring tension
  • Hydraulic coolers
  • Cutting height – 2- 6”

Bad Boy mower dealershipBad Boy Maverick

Maverick Mower combines elements of performance and comfort. To ensure durability, the frame is made of stainless steel. On the other hand, the rear drive train is supported by twin compression shocks to ensure a smooth ride. The mower will glide well even on uneven terrain. Besides that, the front arms are hinged for independent movement across all terrain. Another notable feature is the fully adjustable steering levers. No matter your height, you’ll always find the right fit and position. But the comfort doesn’t end there. The seat is well-padded, so you won’t feel much of the terrain.

The maverick series is available in two engine configurations both with 48-60” decks. You can either choose 747cc Kohler Confidant engine or 726cc Kawasaki FS730 engine. Keep in mind, the cabin offers lots of storage including a place where you can place your favorite beverage. The other specs for Bad Boy Maverick include:

  • Deck flotation – two front leveling arms
  • Single v-belt spring tension
  • Instant lift electric actuator
  • Cutting height – 1.5-4” and deck height control system
  • Cutting width – 48, 54, and 60”
  • Integrated axial piston pump
  • Forward ground speed is 9 mph

MZ magnum at your Bad Boy mower dealer

The MZ magnum badboy mower is a high-quality machine. It is made from 7-gauge steel and has a fabricated deck. It will withstand the test of time. The 725 cc Kohler engine powers this workhorse for reliable, self-sustaining performance. The height pedal locks ensure a constant cutting height of 1.5 to 4.5“. The deck is adjustabl to operate on either the right or left side.

This mower offers a wide range of features that make it perfect for any job. For example, the independent dual-belt deck drive and the deck washout port make it easy to clean while keeping your lawn looking pristine. The seating is adjustable to fit any size operator and comes with an armrest and cup holder. The roller suspension system absorbs any bumps or uneven terrain you might encounter.

When you want the best in performance and durability the Bad Boy MZ Magnum is a great choice for homeowners, commercial landscapers, municipalities and more. With a rugged look, reliable power, and all the features you need – this Bad Boy mower has it all.

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