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Standard Duty Cutter

Regardless of the size of your operation or the toughness of the job, Mahindra has the right cutter tool for your Mahindra tractor. Our cutters are made in the USA of durable steel and have reliable gearboxes for consistent performance.

Features may include:

  • 3pt mount with reliable breakaway
  • 40 HP Gearbox
  • Pan Stump Jumper
  • Fully welded deck
  • Laminated tail wheels
  • All cutters include safety chains


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Models Available:

  • KRCSD4040SP
  • KRCSD4840SC
  • KRCSD4840SP
  • KRCSD6040SC
  • KRCSD6040SP
  • KRCSD7240SC
  • KRCSD7240SP


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