Bad Boy mowers have a design to cover more acreage in less time. That way, whether you’re a homeowner with a large lot or a landscaper, there’s a model that is right for you. At Weeks Tractor in Natchitoches, Louisiana, we have expert staff to help with your purchase. As well, our professionals are available to help with service and parts when the time comes.  Bad Boy mowers

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Especially, you’ll be pleased with the quickness of the Bad Boy mowers. Save yourself some time with a new zero turn! For instance, here are some models that give an idea of how to choose your next mower:

  • 2021 ZT Elite Zero Turn Mower
  • ZT Avenger
  • MZ Magnum

2021 ZT Elite Zero Turn Mower

ZT Elite gives value for the money to residential and commercial homeowners. Because, it comes with additions like rear seat covers and newly styled tanks, it’ll keep you in style. In addition, it’s fitted with an independent suspension system to ensure a comfortable ride.

This model comes with Hydro-Gear 3100 Integrated Drive System for reliable performance. Looking at the design, you can be sure this unit will tackle the most demanding tasks. But the hallmark of construction is the unique baffling system. And you can lower the center of gravity for better traction.

On the right side, you can adjust the cutting height to ensure a clean cut. Other standard features include:

  • Steel deck with reinforced edges
  • Seat lifts for easy maintenance
  • Ergonomic seat
  • Electric PTO
  • Maintenance-free spindles
  • Steel front forks
  • Class-leading fuel capacity (6-gallons)

ZT Avenger

ZT Avenger boasts of unrivaled functionality, performance, and comfort. It’s powered by a Kohler 7000 725cc engine. And with the 54-60” deck, you get unbeatable value for money. To ensure durability, the model comes with a 2 X 2 “steel rail frame and industry-leading front decks (3/8”).

To start, the front part is made of 7-gauge steel that ensures proper airflow for a cleaner cut. On the other hand, the low ground clearance guarantees better traction. With the ZT Avenger, you don’t sacrifice the cut quality and performance.

The exclusive dampening system ensures the best maneuverability. Furthermore, the floorboard exposes the components for easy servicing and cleaning. In terms of controls, everything is within your reach.

MZ Zero Turn Mower

MZ is a commercial zero-turn mower that will blow away the side-by-side competitors. It comes with an economical engine and small rear wheels to accommodate small yards.

The mower is powered by Kohler 7000 725CC engine and comes with a 42” deck. Moreover, the integrated 7-gauge steel and baffling system maximize the airflow. The steel frame guarantees better traction thanks to the low center of gravity. Other key features are:

  • The seat lifts for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Deck lift pedal
  • Comes with a comfortable seat
  • Deck lift pedal adjustment
  • Maintenance-free spindles
  • Electric PTO

Unlike other comparable models, MZ allows the rider to adjust the seat front and back. Besides, you also get lots of storage spaces and flip-up floorboards – first for its class. Best of all, the baffling system maximizes airflow and ensures a cleaner cut.

MZ Magnum

The MZ Magnum is the best side-by-side mower designed for riders who want to step up the efficiency of a zero-turn mower. Additionally, it comes with tough 7-gauge steel and a baffling system that guarantees maximum airflow. For instance, the frame rides on a lower center of gravity and ensures better traction.

This model comes with a left side lift pedal to adjust the cutting height, not to mention, you get lots of deep storage. Other key features include:

  • Powered by Kohler 7000 725cc engine
  • Comes with a 48-54” deck

Save Yourself Some Time!

Bad Boy Mowers Should Be Your Next Choice!

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